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Basic Injury Prevention:

Welcome to the forum for ergonomic health and safety. Our hope is to present useful information that will apply to both your personal, recreational, and work related activities. In this leading article we wish to emphasize one of the most important aspects of ergonomic and injury prevention program.

One of the main components an ergonomic program has to offer is easy access and assistance with issues related to enhancing health and safety. Prevention is an important key to a program's success. The goal of prevention is to interact with the employee, as soon as they detect something unusual or troubling, such as a sore wrist or back. Our experience over the past ten years has been that if we take a good look at the pattern of discomfort, work activity, and equipment used, a solution to the problem can be implemented before the situation becomes more troublesome. This applies to both field service and office based employees. A clear line of communication from the employee to a supervisor or human resource representative when suspecting a problem is critical.

If you do not have a policy concerning injury prevention, are interested in have a initial facility walk through evaluation, or a free telephone consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call 510-763-9181.

In closing, I encourage you to take micro and regular breaks and to stretch and change positions as often as you can throughout the workday.

-Tim Brent

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