Training & Education

Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Evaluations

We provide ergonomic assessments prescribed by a treating physician, as well as those deemed necessary within an organization for work safety and injury prevention. Individual, group, and company wide evaluation services are available. Home office evaluations are also available.

Movement Education

We introduce practical and accessible forms of movement education based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Pete Egoscue to help individuals improve posture, body mechanics that lead to a reduction in workplace injuries. Please ask us about this unique service and how it can enhance your injury prevention program. Includes "Stretch and Flex" for warm up and preparation for job duties, Back Safety Training, and ongoing Corrective Exercise Classes for all ability levels and job classifications.

Job Analysis & Description

We document essential job demands for Medical Management and assess options for "reasonable accommodation."

Ergonomic Training & Education

We provide the appropriate level of training for employees, supervisors, and management.

Examples of Class Themes

- Office Ergonomics

- Ergonomics and Field Service Work

- Ergonomics in Manufacturing

- Ergonomics in Food Processing

- Back Safety and Safe Lifting Techniques

- Stay Fit for Work

- Containing Worker's Compensation Costs

- On Site Transitional Work Programs

Program Development

We help establish all components of a successful ergonomic program including, Benchmarking Costs, Policies and Procedures, Ergonomic Committee, Early Reporting, Medical Case Management, and measuring Return On Investment (ROI).

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