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Our consultants have been providing worksite ergonomic evaluations in the greater San Francisco Bay area for the past 20 years.

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Proper Work Station Setup

  1. Top one-third of the screen at or Proper Posturebelow eye level; distance from operator a minimum of 18", typically at arm’s length.
  2. Wrists should be a natural extension of the forearm, not angled up or down. Elbow relaxed. ower arm open at least 100° to upper arm.
  3. Elbow relaxed. Lower arm open at least 100° to upper arm.
  4. Adjustable back rest to accommodate the normal curve of the lower spine.
  5. Keyboard flat at elbow level with palm rest to support hands during rest.
  6. Thighs approximately parallel to the floor.
  7. Easily adjustable seat height. Seat pan short enough (front to back) for knee clearance and with a waterfall front edge.
  8. Swivel chair with 5-point base and casters.
  9. Feet resting firmly on the floor; footrest needed if feet are not supported by the floor.
  10. Document holder in line with front of monitor. Height and angle adjusted for the comfort of the user.
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